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These silver press tins are ideal for holding everything from gifts to nuts and pills. This tin is sealed using bare hands and is then opened from the top using a ring pull mechanism .

These 100ml tin cans are ideal to serve a surprise for your customers or guests. Just place dry food into the tin, press/hit (use a mallet) the self sealing bottom of the tin in place and serve to your guest. Once the ring-pull has been pulled it cannot be reused. However we sell plastic caps for re-sealing the lid.

Ideal for dry foods - however liquids will seep out of the bottom seal.

This tin is sealed and is then opened from the top using a ring pull mechanism.

Holds 100ml liquid / 3.5g herbs

No tools needed for these Tins

  • 100ml
  • Holds 3.5 grams dry herbs
  • No tools needed!
  • Custom stain labels coming soon
  • Includes black or white plastic lids

How do I open Press Tin Cans ?


Place the can on a flat surface and hold firmly with one hand. Use caution in keeping your stabilizing hand away from all sharp edges while opening.

Using the thumb of your other hand, lift the ring and push it all the way forward until the ring is stopped by the rim of the can and the seal is broken. Put your index finger through the ring and place your thumb on top of the lid.

While pulling on the ring, press down on the top of the lid with your thumb creating a rolling motion as the lid pulls away from the can. To break the last portion of the seal, gently rock the lid from side to side until it breaks free.