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CBD Mini Balm – Overnight Recovery

We’ve all had those days when our bodies are in need of some recovery… but we simply don’t have the time to do anything about it. We’re usually forced to accept this lack of recovery time and wake up the next day with all of the same issues, and if we aren’t lucky these issues have magnified. Our new CBDfx 50mg CBD Overnight Recovery Mini Balm is the travel-sized solution that we’ve been waiting for. Need something that fits in a pocket or purse, and don’t want to carry around our full sized balm? We’ve got you covered. Simply apply this mini balm to an area that could use some restorative soothing, and let it work its magic. With aromas designed to calm the mind and application that could not be any simpler, this is the answer to your “getting home at midnight feeling like dead weight” woes.

This balm contains a list of ingredients intended to appeal to the senses and sooth areas that require a boost after working all day and becoming worn down. First and foremost is the 50mg of broad spectrum CBD oil, which has been extracted from an organic hemp plant and harvested by state-of-the-art farms that we have partnered with right here in the US. This high-quality hemp extract provides all of the effects that CBD users are looking for, and its terpenes don’t force themselves to the forefront of the balm’s scent and invade your nostrils the way that some others might. Lavender, chamomile and wild orange oils replace these terpenes as the prominent aroma for the balm, offering a scent that will take you out of your actual bed and lay you down in a bed of flowers for the night.

Beeswax and jojoba oil are popular ingredients in the world of topicals, being featured in countless products. They work in tandem toward creating a soothing sensation on your skin and targeting the areas that need them the most. Evening primrose oil tops it all off, a classic herbal remedy that Native Americans used with the belief that it provided essential support in many facets of their lives. This balm takes advantage of several naturally existing ingredients that have found themselves to be popular for topicals.

Each and every component of this balm is included with you, our consumer, in mind. Here at CBDfx, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with the highest quality products that will work as promised and contain an adequate amount of CBD. The Overnight Recovery Balm is guaranteed to please and requires virtually nothing from you.