CBDOLOGY OIL 2500MG 25% - 10ML


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State-of-the-art technology: supercritical CO2 extraction

The CBDology® 2500mg 25% CBD oil is produced using state-of-the-art methods. One of the most complex but also best methods here is the so-called "supercritical CO2extraction". For this method CBD is extracted from the hemp plant with the help of carbon dioxide under very specific conditions. Although this is relatively expensive, the results are very pure cannabidiols of the highest quality. The extracted, active ingredient is also mixed with pure organic hemp oil in this CBD oil. So, if you want a CBD oil of the highest quality, you should buy CBDology® 10% CBD oil.

CBD oil – Product scope

  • Glass bottle
  • Pipette
  • 10ml organic hemp oil infused with 2500mg CBD

10ml organic hemp oil infused with 2500mg cannabidiol (CBD), lead to a CBD content of proud 25%. This makes the CBDology® 2500mg 25% CBD oil clearly one of the higher-dosed products on the market. Especially experienced users therefore appreciate it very much. Thanks to the pipette, which is included along with the glass bottle, the dosing is also very easy for CBD beginners.

CBDology® 2500mg 25% CBD Oil - Ingredients and Dosage

CBDology®, the manufacturer of the CBD oils, in contrast to many other manufacturers on the market completely refrains from using the psychoactive ingredient THC. Buying CBDology® 25% CBD oil also means not buying any other unwanted cannabinoids. Here the main focus is on the essentials. In addition to high-quality, gently produced CBD contains only pure organic hemp oil. As a customer you do not have to worry about pesticides or impurities. The application and dosage can be individually adjusted. To get started we recommend the following general guidelines:

  • It is recommended to take at least 2-3 drops daily.
  • The oil should be put directly under the tongue and kept there for about 1 minute.
  • We recommend never using more than 200mg of CBD per day (0.8ml).