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CBDology® 800mg 8% CBD Oil - The Product

  • Glass bottle
  • Pipette
  • Organic hemp oil infused with CBD

CBDology®'s 8% CBD oil is one of the higher-dosed products, making it especially suitable for users with advanced experience or those who want to directly access a higher dose of CBD. The delivery of the CBD oil includes a glass bottle with a pipette, allowing very easy and accurate dosage of the product. In total there are 10ml pure organic hemp oil, mixed with 800mg cannabidiol (CBD). This results in a proud CBD content of 8%.

CBD oil production by CO2 extraction

Nowadays there are many different procedures for the production of CBD oil. All CBDology® CBD oils are based on a method called "supercritical CO2 extraction". During this relatively complex method, the cannabinoid is extracted extremely gently with the help of carbon dioxide from the solid components of the hemp plant. The result is an extremely pure end product of high quality. Experience has shown that this process yields the best CBD oil. We therefore say: Buying CBDology® 8% CBD oil means buying quality.

CBDology® 8% CBD Oil - Application and Ingredients

Buying CBDology® 800mg 8% CBD Oil means concentrating on the essentials because it consists of only the most important components. These of course include cannabidiol (CBD), which is free from impurities and of high quality. Pure natural organic hemp oil is used as the carrier oil. During the manufacturing process of these CBD oils, care is taken to ensure that the products do not contain unwanted phytocannabinoids such as CBDa. These products are also free from the psychoactive agent THC. Regarding the application we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Put oil under the tongue and let it work for 60 seconds
  •  at least 2-3 drops daily
  • never use more than 200mg of cannabidiol per day (ca. 2.5ml)