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If you’re anything like us, your fondest memory of childhood is the lack of back pain or general aches, most of us have lived pretty hard and there’s rarely a day that goes by where it doesn’t feel like a gorilla snuck into the bedroom at night for an aggressive hugging session.

So we said enough! We'd previously had great results with our Natures Balm, but wanted something a bit thicker and with a cooling cooling action to truly massage in and ease the area, after numerous rounds of testing and multiple formulas and trialling different techniques we landed on what is on our shelves today.

This is a lightly whipped body butter, but don’t let the appearance fool you, this is a thick decadent blend of Shea and Cocoa Butter. In the 'Battle of the Butters' the Cocoa Butter starts off rock hard, trying to convince Shea Butter to join its side, whilst the Shea Butter's thick permeability evades the Cocoa Butters defences, combining the two to create a rich creamy base. Whilst still warm we calm the battlefield down with Almond oil, Vitamin E and Coconut oil. These sumptuous oils blend in creating a rich golden glow.

In a pre-warmed flask, we carefully measure out our CBD distillate, amber in colour it settles and adjusts ready for the oils and butters. Cascading down it creates a ribbon of sparkling colour as it swirls and combines evenly into the mix. Then we wait.

Being hasty at this stage changes everything. Too soon and you change the floral aroma and the cooling effect is too brisk. Too late and the terpenes in the Eucalyptus Globulus and Peppermint Arvensis oils won’t combine as effectively. Camphor oil is a potent fella and if he’s added at the wrong time it throws everything out of balance.

When the time comes we add our secret ratios at the precise moment, folding them in before waiting yet again. Once the concoction has cooled further we whip it to the perfect consistency to deliver to precise dose per jar.

The jars are then left to set before going through out quality checks and packed ready for the shops.

Apply a small amount to the effected area and massage in firmly, build up the dose if more is needed. With 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD distillate combined with the essential oils there really is no better solution at the end of the day.