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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink full of probiotics and prebiotics that promote gut health. It is mildly fizzy and slightly tart, low in sugar and non alcoholic (below 0.5% abv). 

It is believed Kombucha originated in China and has been consumed as a health drink in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe for centuries. Apart from its health benefits for maintaining good gut flora, kombucha is now gaining popularity as a non-alcoholic drink in restaurants, pubs, cafes and cocktail bars.

Curious Kombucha

Curious Kombucha was founded by Emma Davies, one of the few female professional brewers in the South- West, and an award-winning one to boot. Years of brewing craft beers have honed Emma’s skills in the art and science of fermentation and flavouring drinks.

Curious Kombucha is located in a customised facility at the border of Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Our kombucha is made in small batches, using organic sweet green tea with local spring water, and a culture of bacteria and yeast which ferments the tea. Depending on the desired flavours, other fresh ingredients are added, such as fruit, ginger, herbs and spices, and a second fermentation in the bottle achieves the effervescence that kombucha is known for. 

We are award winning! Our Raspberry and Turmeric Kombucha achieved a Taste of the West Award this year (2020). 

Our kombucha has a shelf life of 3 months. It needs to be kept refrigerated (3-7 oC) and once opened used within 4 days. 

Why Choose Curious Kombucha?

We use only fresh, natural and local spring water in every brew.

Our ingredients are all natural and organic (when possible). No additives, no colouring.

No artificial carbonation. All the bubbles in our bottles are all a natural by-product of fermentation, never forced in.

Curious kombucha is always live and unpasteurised, so you are guaranteed the full benefits of its probiotic bacteria. As a result, there may be tendrils or strands of the culture inside the bottle – signs of a healthy raw kombucha. Consuming the culture is harmless and even healthy, but if desired, simply pour the liquid over a sieve to remove the bits.